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Product Care

The key to getting the maximum usage out your pair of Jim Greens is to take good care of them. The best way to preserve leather is through regular and correct polishing. Water and wear remove the original oil from the leather. When the tiny fibres dry out they become hard and brittle and break easily, shortening the life of the leather.

We recommend any natural shoe polish you find at your local store. Regular polishing also aids in the boots water resistant qualities.

After working a long day in wet conditions and you require your boots early the next morning, the worst plan to solve this is to artificially dry your boots. Leather fibres burn easily, especially when leather is wet, and should never be left by a heater or even put in your oven. For the best result, footwear should be dried out slowly and never be subjected to any extreme heat. If you work in wet conditions it is best to alternate between two pairs or more of Jim Green boots.


Jim Green prides itself on its durability, quality and comfort. To get the best out of your Jim Greens please read up on product care. A well maintained and cared for Jim Green will be with you for years to come. Jim Green footwear comes with an unconditional six month warranty. During this time we will either replace or repair your purchase. Please note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, negligence or accidents.

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